Environmental Services

Environmental Approval

Bowman & Associates understands that the approval processes for certain developments can be complex and quite time consuming. We can help decipher what is required for your project in order to get the right information for the approval you are after. We will liaise with government bodies, utilise our knowledge of government legislation and use our many years of experience in order to get your development approved.

Permitting and Licensing

Bowman & Associates can help you permit a prescribed premises or apply/renew your operating licence for your facility. For projects located in Western Australia this process is carried out in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act Parts IV and V in order to refer your development to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for environmental approval and/or the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) for approval to construct. These highly important processes are required to demonstrate to these governing bodies that your project is environmentally sound and operationally and economically sustainable.