Groundwater and Waste

Bowman & Associates is a specialist waste management consultancy. Many of our core skills and areas of expertise are a result of our extensive knowledge and experience in the design, permitting and operations of waste management facilities.


Our team is able to provide a variety of water related consultancy services including stormwater infrastructure design, modelling of surface water and sampling of surface water and groundwater for laboratory analysis.


We have a rock solid understanding of all things earthworks related. Our services include geotechnical site investigations, design, construction management and extractive industry permitting.


Across the complete lifecycle of a project, Bowman & Associates is able to provide specialised consultancy services to meet our clients’ needs. From site due diligence to governmental approvals, tender preparation and review, site superintendent and quality assurance auditing, we are able to facilitate some or all of the project development process, as our clients require.