Superintendent and Quality Control Services

Henderson Landfill

The City of Cockburn recently appointed Bowman & Associates to act as Superintendent during the construction of Cell 7 at the City’s Henderson Waste Recovery Park at Rockingham Road Henderson.

The project involves the construction of a lined landfill cell with leachate collection to accept Class II and III waste, construction is now underway and due to be completed in June 2012.

The project includes the relocation of leachate management infrastructure, wash down bay, water bore, fencing, utility services and lined water retention ponds.

Bowman & Associates will also undertake quality control responsibilities during the fabrication of the composite synthetic liner systems which will consist of GCL, HDPE and an aggregate leachate collection layer.

Bowman & Associates acted as project manager during the construction of Cell 6 in 2007. The Cell 6 construction program involved the excavation of limestone, construction of 44,000 m2 of HDPE liner and a leachate collection system.