The projects described below are a sample of recent work by Bowman & Associates. If you are looking for a similar or related service, or would like to know more about our capabilities, please contact us.

Allawuna Farm Landfill

Bowman & Associates has acted as the lead consultant for the design and permitting of the proposed Allawuna Farm Landfill for SUEZ in the Shire of York. Bowman & Associates developed the conceptual design for the facility, installed groundwater monitoring bores, carried out surface and groundwater sampling and testing, engaged and managed sub-consultants for design and approval of the upgrade to the Great Southern Highway, designed the facility infrastructure, prepared applications for clearing permits, creek crossings and interference with beds and banks, prepared tender documentation to appoint a construction contractor and provided strategic advice to SUEZ throughout the approvals process.

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North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility

Bowman & Associates has acted as lead consultant from the inception of the development of the Perthwaste putrescible landfill located at North Bannister in the Shire of Boddington. The environmental approvals for the site were obtained in record time, with the entire process being completed within eighteen months. The first landfill cell and supporting infrastructure were constructed in 2014 shortly followed by a composting facility in 2015. Due to the huge success of the landfill a second landfill cell was constructed in 2015 and a third in 2016. Bowman & Associates continues to design infrastructure, provide construction supervision and strategic advice throughout the ongoing operation of the facility.

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Allawuna Farm Landfill, Dunsborough Waste Disposal Facility.

Waste Management Plans for Commercial and Residential Developments

Bowman & Associates has a solid understanding of providing waste management guidance for new residential and multi-use developments. In the past two years alone Bowman & Associates has prepared in excess of twenty five waste management plans for new commercial and residential developments across the Perth region. The preparation of these waste management plans requires diligent consultation with the local authorities, architects, developers and regulators. The waste management plans are annexed to the complex’s development application and become a working document for the strata manager once construction is completed.

Clients include:
Hillam Architects, Cameron Chisholm Nicol, Australand Property Group, Peet Limited.

Dunsborough Waste Disposal Facility

Bowman & Associates provided a complete design and approvals service to the City of Busselton for the construction of Cell 1 at Dunsborough Waste Disposal Facility. The project involved the determination of the final landfill landform, determination of the cell footprint, production of works approval documentation, drafting to construction standard and preparation of a complete tender package to seek a contractor to construct the works. Cell 1 was constructed in 2016 providing the first lined landfill cell at the site for ongoing waste disposal.

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North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility, Allawuna Farm Landfill.

Mullewa Waste Transfer Station

Bowman & Associates designed and obtained environmental approval for a new light vehicle waste transfer station for the township of Mullewa located in the City of Greater Geraldton. Bowman & Associates prepared the required tender documentation and assisted with the appointment of the contractor to construct the facility. Construction is due to commence in the second half of 2016.

Composting Facility Design and Approval

Bowman & Associates has designed and prepared approvals documentation for a composting facility in the Shire of Northam for our client Purearth. The design process incorporated detailed site investigation and environmental modelling, material volume assessment, operational management planning and preparation of detailed design drawings. The facility commenced operation in 2015 with static pile forced aeration technology.

Similar Projects:
North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility, Allawuna Farm Landfill.